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Disaster Aid Europe: Help for Ukraine!

Disaster Aid Europe (, a project of Rotary Club Prague International, is seeking donations so their branded trailer can carry needed items for Ukrainian refugees over the border to local Rotarians in Uzhorod for further distribution.

we started on 2022-02-28

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Disaster Aid Europe z.s, a project of Rotary Club Prague International, focuses on helping rebuild communities after disasters (​) and is a member of Disaster Aid International, a global Rotary initiative.
In this project, we assist local Rotarians in Ukraine to help and support Ukrainians fleeing from the conflict. 
The proceeds from our fundraising go towards supporting the Ukrainian refugees. We use our newly acquired and branded trailer to bring needed items to those in need. 
Support this project even more and ask your friends to help Create campaign

Best Wishes and thank you for the great friendships and opportunities earned from helping in the Prague office this season.


I wish you all every success!

David Mander
CZK 1,000

This money was raised by the Alexandria Rotary Club in the US to support the trailer effort. When hearing what this team is doing with little financial aid the individual members came up and donated their personal money.

Rotary Club of Alexandria Showing Support

Humanity is our duty, as we are simply nothing but humans...

Ota Hlídek
CZK 5,000

Well done, Irene, Stuart et al.

David Mander

Thanks for helping them.

Paul Rutter

Budeme pomahat a drzet palce
Nelly a Karel Jenicek

karel jenicek

All the best, Craig & Melanie

Craig Roberts

Thank you!

Joelle Toussaint

Our prayers are with all in Ukraine and their families who have fled to other countries.

Barrie Bemand