Klub nemocných cystickou fibrózou, z.s.

Help for Ukraine Health

Assistance to Ukrainian patients with CF

Based on public demand, we are setting up a fundraiser to help CF patients. Each crown goes to Ukrainian patients. After closing the fundraiser, we will inform you about the specific amounts received and the help provided. We thank you on behalf of all Ukrainian CF patients.

we started on 2022-02-28

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What have we already arranged?

We help UA patients with CF, who came to look for a backround in the Czech republic.

We arrange a check-up for the families in the CF center, prepare an initial patient questionnaire with them and accompany them to the hospital together with a translator. We provide a basic equipment and aids for the treatment of CF such as sterilizers, physiotherapy aids, etc. The social worker of the CF Club works intensively with the families. Complete education is necessary for most parents. Together with doctors we are preparing a video for parents in Ukrainian.
 Thanks to a strong community of CF patients and their loved ones in the Czech republic, but also thanks to the support of celebrities and influencers who shared the call to action through IG, we managed to collect the most necessary drugs - enzymes, inhalation solutions, enteral nutrition (sipping), battery powered inhalers and their accessories. The total value of the delivery was €20.991,73.

We organize the support  in cooperation with the Slovak Association of Cystic Fibrosis. Slovaks have a cross-border care project launched with Ukraine already. In June 2022, they were to open a new CF center in Ukraine. Thanks to these contacts, they are now able to deliver everything to the people in need.
The shipment arrived in Ukraine and traveled to Lviv into the hands of a CF physician, then the drugs were distributed to individual patients in other locations in Ukraine. We have reports of gifted patients from Kiev, Zaporizhia, Kharkov, Ivano-Frankivsk and others. 
We will continue to work centrally with other members of CF Europe and with the state authorities of the Czech republic to help Ukraine.
During March, we managed to get two more shipments of the necessary drugs to the patients directly from the manufacturers.
We share feedback from doctors and patients from Ukraine, who also received their medication thanks to us.

A big thank you from 
„Hello everybody! We are from Ukraine, from Zaporozhye! Today we sorted the vital help for our children! People, you are incredible. Even the screaming sirens didn’t stop me from being happy! What you do is more than just medicine! This is your warmth, your faith in our future, your love and support! Thank you for the life and health of my wards with cystic fibrosis!“


Thank you for all ukrainian patients with CF.

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From the mum of a CF child in the uk xx

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