Tosara, z.s.

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Rossum for Tosara

We are a small NGO, that believes all the children should have the chance to live and learn in an environment that is open to maximum development according to their individual abilities and needs. That is why we provide educational and leisure activities throughout the year for children and families from Slaný, who have poorer access to education and reduced chances of full development due to difficult living conditions. We run a preschool center and we provide counseling for the parents, we arrange tutoring for children at elementary school and organize both leisure activities during the week and regular all day leisure programs on the weekends...

vybíráme od 3.2.2022

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Sbírka je již uzavřena. Děkujeme!
Unfortunately, our premises were robbed at the beginning of the year and we lost, among other things, laptops that we use during our programs 🙁

We will appreciate any contribution to help us resume our activities to the state before this unfortunate event…

You can find more info about Tosara at or

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