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Help buy a car for animals in need

Our old car went to a car heaven and we now really need your help with buying a new one. 🙏 A car is an integral part of caring for animals, they need transport to a vet or to their foster cares, and we also need it to transport material help where it's needed. Unfortunately, none of this is manageable in the long run without a car. 😔 Will you help us, please?

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Imagine you're driving on a highway, you have animals in your car... And suddenly, the car stops working and the engine just shuts off. 😰

This horror story happened to us a few days ago. 😢 Luckily, everything ended well and both the animals and their foster auntie got to safety. Only our old car didn't make it, an auto mechanic stated that the working days of the engine are over.

A new engine would be expensive and something else would surely break soon anyway (the car was 18 years old). So, we need your help to be able to buy a new car. It may not seem like that, but it's really hard to help animals long term without a car. 😔

We will be very grateful for any donation to buy a new car that will enable us to go to the vet and transport both animals and material help. 🙏💪

About Pet Heroes

We're a non profit consisting of people believing that every life has a meaning. Together we're helping pets in need.

We're operating a shelter in Lanškroun, we're helping other organisations in the project Psí přání and the project Štěně v nouzi is under our patronage. In the project Handipet Rescue, we're taking care of handicapped, ill or abused dogs and cats in need and we're giving them a second chance of finding a loving home. We're providing advice when someone is choosing a new pet buddy and we're helping with adoptions.

Donations exceeding the car expenses will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection. 

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