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Tomcat with hernia needs you

Tůča was found in a very bad condition by a lady who decided to take care of him, but at the vet she found out that he has hernia and needs a surgery. Please, will you help? 🙏

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Imagine you're regularly feeding a tomcast living outside and one day, he comes to you in a very bad condition. Would you intervene? Luckily, Mrs. Irena did. 🙏

She took the tomcat to the vet, he had a strong inflammation and scabies in his ears and on top of that it was found out that he has a big hernia on his belly. We wouldn't be surprised if that was the reason someone throw him out of home. 😢 Hernia needs to be operated on, but the surgery is costly, and so Mrs. Irena asked us for help with covering the cost. Of course, we didn't hesitate.

We estimate the cost of the veterinary care including the planned surgery to be about CZK 16 000. The surgery is scheduled on Thursday. Please, send him any donation and help him to a beautiful new life. 🙏
Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animal will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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Tůča underwent the surgery! Everything ended well and he's back at home again, now convalescence is ahead of him. 🥰 Apart from the ugly hernia finally being removed, the vet also treated a tooth that was starting to rot so that it wouldn't trouble Tůča anymore. 🐱

On Saturday, the tomcat will go to the vet for a checkup for us to be sure that everything is going as it should. 🏥

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