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Dynamic Club: Mezzo-forte

Music without dynamics is flat and incomplete, it lacks energy and emotion. Just like that, the philharmonic family would be incomplete without our donors and supporters, our Dynamic Club. Join us and experience the Czech Philharmonic season with us in our family circle. Help us write the story of the first Czech orchestra and become part of it.

Thank you for the energy and positive emotions you are sending us with your gift. You help us share the joy of music at the Czech Phil concerts.

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Each listener has a unique story illustrating how the Czech Phil mingles with our lives. Some of us first came to the Rudolfinum with our parents and the Czech Phil opened the gates of classical music for us, leading us from the initial doubts and shyness to understanding and becoming one with it. For some of us, subscription tickets are part of the family inheritance just like precious china and we remember our grandmothers who taught us take concerts as special holidays. And some of us found our Prague family in the Czech Phil when we left home to study.

The Czech Phil is part of our lives ad we are a vital part of its life. Music comes alive only when there is somebody to listen. Thanks to our donors, our music can live to the full. You help us share Czech music with the entire world, invite the musical world to Prague, but above all share the love of music with audiences across generations and continents.

Regular support of our donors and the trust you express with it is crucial for us to not only continue doing what we do, but to aim ever higher.

If you like to support the Czech Phil in another way than a monthly gift, please get in touch with me at katerina.ticha@ceskafilharmonie.cz. I will be happy to find you your role in the philharmonic family and help you play your part in the story of the first Czech orchestra.

On behalf of all of us here in the Czech Phil, I thank you for your support!

Kateřina from Czech Phil
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Eva Kinská a Vít Tlačbaba

Eva Kinska