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Donate for the treatment of an ill puppy

Poor Casper had to be hospitalized at the vet because of very strong diarrhea. Please, will you help provide him with the needed treatment for him to be able to get well? 🙏

we started on 2021-12-07
This campaign is already closed. Thank you!
We took in our care a half year old male doggie. He'd been at his foster auntie's for only a couple of hours and during the night, we had to urgently take him to be hospitalized because of a very strong diarrhea. Today, he also started vomiting. 😢

We don't know the cause of Casper's problems yet, but the vet is doing everything he can to help him. We hope very much that he will be allright. 🙏🙏🙏

Please, if you can, donate to Casper's treatment by sending any donation. Every coin counts. 🙏
Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animal will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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Look who's back at his foster auntie's! 😍 It's a shame you couldn't see Casper's joy when he realised that he can finally lie in the bed again, let his auntie scratch him behind the ears again and play with his foster animal friends again. 🥰

But he's not fully healthy yet and he has to take antibiotics. His problems were caused by an inflammation and he was also full of worms. 😔 Hopefully, the worst part is over for him. 🙏💪

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Veronika Kůstová
CZK 250

Posílám a děkuji Vám, že zachraňujete .

Jiřina Bischoffiová
CZK 1,500

Ať jsi brzo chlapík, Caspere! 💗

Lucie Podroužková

Prejeme stenatku Casperkovi brzke uzdraveni!

Igor Fanta

Ať se brzy uzdraví a najde hodné pánečky..

Diana Kociánová
CZK 250

Brzo se uzdrav, at muzes rozdavat radost

Veronika Rotbauerová
CZK 500

Hlavně, ať je v pořádku

Ivana Štěpánková
CZK 250