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The Initiative Way: No apathy to the outside world

We help to spread rights and freedoms in neglected countries, to promote participation on public events and support independent media to open neglected topics wherever civil society is still developing.

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Due to our mission we focus on Eastern Europe region, mainly South Caucasus and Ukraine.

During 2021 we

🔹 organized many educational events for civil society: e.g. Civic forum in Georgia, Media school and discussion events about role of NGOs for journalists in Abkhazia, School of civic engagement and Lecture on participation in Armenia, or skillsharing and educational workshop on campaigns and communication in Ukraine,

🔹 developed community planning and participation. So far we did two community planning events in two Georgian villages and we are currently preparing 4 more in Armenia,

🔹 started campaing Vlaštovky svobody (Swallows of Freedom) to support political prisoners in Belarus. Due to this campaing hundreds of letters were sent to unjustly imprisoned,

🔹 supported 21 ecological or social civic campaigns and more than 60 ecological activists in their education,

🔹 started educational programme Ecoway - month long intensive online educational course, focused on support of ecological activists from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

Plainly we helped to active people abroad to change their country for better with focus on support of human rights, environmental protection and animal rights.

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