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Nadace Peter James

Podporujeme matky a děti s různými neurologickými onemocněními, jako je autismus, dětská mozková obrna, ADHD, dyslexie a dyspraxie. Vytvářením svépomocných skupin, zvyšováním povědomí ve společnosti a poskytováním praktické pomoci, jako jsou plenky, mixéry a terapeutické pomůcky, zlepšujeme šance těchto dětí na přežití a dosažení jejich potenciálu.

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The need for diapers

For most families, diapers are something you need for children until you teach them to potty, which is usually between 18 months and three years. Children with neurodiverse diseases need diapers much longer and some are unable to use the toilet even during adolescence.

For a single mother with a child with special needs, which unfortunately most such mothers are, it is practically impossible to work full time. For those for whom it is difficult to even feed their children, diapers are a coveted luxury. However, without a suitable diaper, it is very difficult for these parents to take the child to the doctor or hospital or to do simple things like shopping, let alone go to work. That's why diapers are so important to this community. That is why we are looking for funds for diapers.

Across Africa, parents of children born with neurodiverse diseases suffer from cultural and social stigma. As a result, their children also suffer from a lack of respect and opportunity in society. All too often, the mothers of these children are abandoned and left to take care of their children themselves. The Peter James Association was created to provide information and practical support to families with such children.

The Peter James Association also provides support to children and mothers of children with disabilities such as autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, epilepsy, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Our goal is to accept neurodiversity children as part of mainstream society. This means recognizing their special needs and providing them with support so that they can fully participate in society.

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