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NePornu 2022

Our goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of pornography, which has negative influence on our health, our relationships, and our society, and to help (especially through e-coaching) those who are struggling with addictive behavior connected with watching pornography.

we started on 2021-10-26

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Project NePornu has been helping people addticted to porn and their partners since 2018.

You can check out our work at the website (in Czech).

How do we help?

Year by year, people are more and more interested in the help we offer. Here is an overview of how many people contacted us hor help: 
  • In 2018, it was 66 clients
  • In 2019, it was 243 clients 
  • In 2020, it was 426 clients
  • In 2021, it was 615 clients 
    • At this moment, we have 34 active e-coaches 
In 2021, we published our most comprehensive online course 30 dní bez porna (30 days without porn), which offers 30 videos and reflections for every day that guide people through the withdrawal process. In the past, we also published these online courses in Czech:
The project also received a lot of atttention in the media. You can check out the list of all media where the project appeared on our website here

Plan for 2022

We want to continue in our efforts, and so we have set up these goals for 2022:

Budget for 2022

Total budget for 2022 is about 1,200,000 CZK (55,000 USD).

This covers salaries, education and supervision of our e-coaches, online promotion to raise awareness, and other expenses (e.g. renting the office, accounting, etc.).

At this moment, we have about 700,000 CZK on regular and promised donations. Therefore, we have set the goal of this fundraising campaign to 500,000 CZK to cover the whole budget for 2022.  

If you want to read our annual report or wish to receive regular quarterly newsletters, please go to our website here (in English).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at info(at) 
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Spoločne proti pornu

Jaroslav Sklenar

Velké díky za to, co pro společnost děláte a jak to děláte!

Iva Filipi
CZK 10,000

Nevzdávejte to, moc Vás prosím. M to smysl!

CZK 1,000

Neboj, nevzdáme se ;)

NePornu, z. s.

Nehanbím sa,nech sa hanbí ten Zlý..

Jaroslav Sklenar

Dobrý den,
částka není velká, ale i kapky jsou součástí velkého množství vody.

Michael Lehocky
CZK 350

Rád podpořím tohle protože chci se zbavit závislosti.

Marek Hnida
CZK 50

To dělám vždy abych se ujistil že částka v maličkém měřítku dorazila v pořádku. Příště už poslu víc.

Michael Lehocky

Moc děkuji za kurz třicet dní bez porna.

CZK 1,000

Díky, že to děláte

Tomáš Kocourek
CZK 200

nepodceňujte tento problém, příspěvek na dobrý projekt