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MANY WORLDS in Jilemnice

MANY WORLDS in Jilemnice is currently a platform for various activities aiming at supporting human rights, the environment and community life in the Jilemnice region in form of a film festival, professional lectures, exhibitions etc...

we started on 2021-09-21

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MANY WORLDS in Jilemnice started in 2014 as an independent human rights film festival. Films from the webside Promitejity were projected there. All voluntary admission was donated to charity, for example for the Moria refugee camp or to support Magdal Charity Prague, which helps, among other things, victims of domestic violence.

Every year we improve the festival and add more and more activities.
  • Collection of winter clothes for refugee camps
  • Two functioning public bookcases in Jilemnice
  • A square full of people during demonstrations for democracy
  • Organizing a local collection "Krabice od bot" for socially disadvantaged families
  • Workshop about municipal policy
  • Workshops about coffee and coffee culture
  • Projections about human rights in retirement homes
  • Human rights podcast
  • Summer workcamp for foreign guests in Jilemnice
  • Community (together with other citizens of Jilemnice we are building a wetland outside the city to maintain water in the landscape)

Members of international workcamp in Jilemnice (2020)

During the coronavirus pandemic, we had to abandon the traditional concept of the festival and quickly adapt to the new conditions. That's why, in cooperation with our town Jilemnice, we started delivering subsidized lunches for seniors to their homes. Instead of the festival, we broadcasted interviews with interesting personalities every week (doctor Petr Smejkal, journalist Markéta Boubínová, slam poetry artist Anatol Svahilec, Viktorie Varvařovská from To po tom project...).

Our short videodocument about female rights in Czechia (en titles)

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