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Help provide the ill animals with incontinence pads

When looking in our storeroom, we found out a frightening thing – there are only a few last packages of incontinence pads. 😨

we started on 2021-09-13

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When taking care of animals, we use many things a lot, but incontinence pads are one of the things at the top of this list. We put them with the animals that need to move as little as possible and be calm right now,  we use them when we change the diaper of the incontinent doggies and we lay out the carriers with them when we travel with the animals to the vet. 🐾 It may doesn't seem like it, but they're really running out quickly. 🙈

Our supplies are running out quickly, so we will be very grateful if you send a donation that will enable us to buy the pads. 🙏

If you want to, you can also buy the pads yourselves and send them to the address: Nikol Burešová, Hlavatého 663/15, 149 00 Praha, phone number: 725 723 947, e-mail 📦 We have the best experience with the pads MoliCare Bed Mat 5 kapek 60 x 90.

A huge thank you for your help. ❤

Donations exceeding the expenses of purchasing the incontinence pads will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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