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Dietary food for Tara

Tara was prescribed special dietary cans to prevent health issues. But the cans we have are running out quickly, please, will you help Tara restock? 🙏

we started on 2021-08-17
This campaign is already closed. Thank you!
Tara went through a great deal of troubles with her health during the last couple of weeks. Luckily, everything had a happy end and Tara got well. ❤ A special dietary food prescribed by the vet contributed to her recovery. It's cans Royal Canin VDD Dog Gastrointestinal Low Fat.

Tara eats about 60 of these cans per month, so we're running out of them quickly and we really need your help with restocking them. Please, support Tara's health and send her any donation that will allow us to buy more cans. 🙏

Donations exceeding the cost of cans will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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Tarusko,pozdravuj Sambika a aspoň jednu konzervu mu dej ❤️😁

Dana Kodejskova
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Ať se Tarušce už jenom daří a žádné další trápení se již neobjeví,ať už má v životě jenom krásné chvíle

Eva Růžičková
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