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Help to South Moravia Humanitarian Aid

Help the victims of the Czech Tornado disaster

Moravská Nová Ves, the epicenter of the area affected by the tornado, is home to the South Moravian Community Foundation, whose director Zlata Maděřičová and her colleagues coordinate assistance to victims. These people live here and know the most current situation in detail. If you target the support on behalf of the foundation, it will be used for the most needy and most at risk. Thank you for any help.

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At a fateful moment, I was standing in the living room by the window, when my husband called me to go and look at something, I had never seen before. But I didn't make it there, at that moment all the new windows, that we changed about a month ago shattered and I just managed to run under the couch and hide there with my dog until it was over few minutes later. We’d been hit by a tornado." (Zlata Maděřičová, South Moravian Community Foundation)
The foundation is based in Moravská Nová Ves in a house with a garden, where we organize events of various kinds for both locals and supporters from all over the Czech Republic. All this is in ruins. My family is one of the happier ones, fortunately our house will not be demolished, we also do not have serious injuries.
But there are a lot of other people who weren't so lucky. And we want to help them.

But it will not be possible without you.

The South Moravian Community Foundation has the advantage over other NGO’s in that it knows the victims of this traumatic event very well, so it can even better identify people who are more disadvantaged than others.

People affected by this natural disaster will get all the money.

At the same time, we are already organizing the mediation of not only psychological help, but also legal and tax counselling for people from affected communities.

Thank you in advance for your help and solidarity.
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