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Help us build a centre for handicapped and ill animals

There is a huge challenge ahead of us. We found a huge farmhouse which can be used to create a centre for rehabilitation and treatment of mistreated, ill and handicapped dogs and cats. We want to use this opportunity, because that way, we will be able to accommodate more pets and therefore save more animals. We definitely don't shy away from the challenge! But we will need your exceptional help to make it.

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During the last couple of years, we've provided more than 600 ill animals with a place to be, care and treatment. The majority of them had been close to being euthanized before they came to us. The need for such kind of help is growing and we're limited by how many we can accommodate. The increase in people wanting puppies because of coronavirus brought about hundreds of animals that were brought home irresponsibly and their owners are now getting rid of them. We'd like to help the animals, the only thing we miss to be able to do so is a steady place.

We're paying rents of houses and dealing with moving from place to place together with the people who've decided to carry the weight of the demanding care on their shoulders. And we could use the time spent on this for much more useful things.

We want to build a place where hope becomes reality, where saving lives won't be just an empty phrase and where handicapped animals won't ever have to experience fear again. Will you join us in building a dream which is only a small step away from becoming a reality?
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And when we say a house, we mean a huge farmhouse (the whole property has more than 8 000 m2!), in which a safe haven for doggies and kitties in need can be built. Rooms connected to safe outside enclosures for doggies and rooms connected to catios for kitties, quarantine room, veterinary clinic, accommodation for volunteers... We can almost see it all in front of our eyes! 😍 The farmhouse is located at Hrabří u Sedlčan and there are also many forests nearby which are perfect for going for a walk with doggies. ❤

Nothing of this wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for you – our supporters and donors, heroes of animals and virtual parents of animals. Thank you for helping! 💕

However, the purchase of the house is merely a start. What awaits us now is the first part of reconstructions and also bringing water and electricity there together with other things necessary for the animals to one day be able to move there. 🐶🐱

Our work therefore hasn't ended and your help is needed more than ever before. Please, support the project by sending any donation that will help us move one step closer to our goal. 💪

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Alice Oppová
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Aby měla zvířatka brzy útulný domov 💜

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Hodně štěstí při budování domova pro zvířátka.

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Moc děkujeme!

Pet Heroes z.s.

Krásné Vánoce ♥️

Denisa Foltýnová
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Držím Vám palečky, ať se dílo podaří :-).

Ester Spurná Chodová
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Dekuji vam za praci, kterou delate. Jste andele

Dorothea Napoletana
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Moc děkujeme za milá slova a dar, díky kterému jsme k vysněnému centru zase o krok blíže. <3

Pet Heroes z.s.

Dobrý den,

posílám pár korunek na vybudování centra pro zvířátka.
Držím palce a děkuji za vše, co pro zvířátka děláte!

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Lucie Kučerová

Lucie Kučerová

Dobrý den, mnohokrát děkujeme! Velice si vážíme Vaší podpory a daru, díky kterému jsou zvířátka zase o krok blíže k centru, které pro ně budujeme. <3

Pet Heroes z.s.

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Hana Schnebergerová
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My děkujeme, že nám pomáháte! <3

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