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Help us pay for Kira's surgery!

Kira is a labrador retriever who spent around 9 years living in a cage, without anyone properly caring for her. She got to PONTO animal sanctuary last year with a massive tumor on her limb which hasn't been treated for 2 entire years. She had surgery and after a long recovery her situation improved a lot. She's happy and very grateful. However, her situation has gotten worse recently when a puddle of pus and blood appeared beneath her. She had to have another surgery because of acute metritis. Without this, the inflammation could attack her kidneys and long-term treatment would involve many injections and pills. The surgery went well and Kira is now in recovery. However, we still need to pay for her surgery and we are asking you for help!

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We are turning to you in need of immediate help! We need to pay for the surgery of Kira, who has been at our animal sanctuary for about a year and although her health situation has improved a lot over time, acute mertritis took her by surprise and she got very sick. Please help us collect the money needed for this surgery.

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Držíme Kiře moc palce, ať se co nejdřív uzdraví a je šťastná.....

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