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Julinka and Tomášek have problems with their teeth

Two kitties, a lot of misery. 😔 Tomášek and Julinka have one thing in common – both of them have sore teeth. On top of that, Tomášek's life is complicated by the problems with his lungs as well. Please, will you help us provide them with the needed veterinary treatment?

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Tomášek and Julinka visited a vet who stated that they have inflamed gums and that they will have to undergo a procedure during which all the troubling teeth will be extracted. It's probable that the majority of teeth will have to be removed, so the procedure will have to be done twice at minimum. 😔

Tomášek and Julinka suffer from a virus right now and they have to take medicine, so they will undergo the dental treatment once they get well. We hope they will feel better soon. 🙏 On top of that, Tomášek will have to have his lungs examined. What can we say, the little ones just don't have it easy at all. 😔

The cost of the dental treatment, medicine and other needed examinations is about CZK 20 500. Please, will you help them by sending a donation? 🙏

Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animal will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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Tomáškovi přeji brzké uzdravení♥️

Lenka Kyrianová
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Hodně štěstí

Jan Monček
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T & R & A & H

Tereza Šandová
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Drzim kocickam palce.Julinku poznam osobne,je to uzasna mini macicka,nech sa rychlo uzdravi

Lenka Kotuličová

Ať vše dobře dopadne

CZK 250

Ať to dobře dopadne

Jan Monček
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Hope it helps

Francesco Guglielmi

Dobrý den ,držím palce ať se povedou vybrat potřebné finance.My máme doma 18 kočiček.S pozdravem Stehlík

Emil Stehlík
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