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Schnitzel needs a surgery

Schnitzel is a bit different - she was born with a forked leg. After a consultation with the vet we found out that there's a chance the leg will be "mended" and so Schnitzel will undergo a surgery. If everything ends well, she could be running on all four like a healthy doggie. Please, will you give her a chance and help us cover the cost? 🙏

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We took Schnitzel in our care together with several other doggies that were saved from a hell called puppy mill. She was only several months old and even though she was in a better condition than the other female doggies that came with her, life in the puppy mill left a mark on her.

You could see she wanted to cuddle very much, but at the same time she was very scared whenever her foster auntie came close to her. Thankfully, her condition slowly improved thanks to the loving care of her foster parents and today, she spends a lot of time lying on a human lap. ❤

Forked leg

But Schnitzel's psyche wasn't the only thing the puppy mill left a mark on. The princess was born with a forked leg. The vet carefully thought about the situation on the base of X-rays and in the end he came to a conclusion that there's a chance of "mending" the leg. 😍

The vet will try to unite the forked leg and make one functional leg. It's quite a unique case so it's not certain whether it will work out or if Schnitzel will even truly use the leg, but there's a chance it will end like this. It's worth a try. ❤💪

The surgery should take place in the following weeks, the estimated cost is about CZK 11 000. Please, if you can, we will be truly grateful if you support Schnitzel by sending a donation to provide her with the surgery.  🙏

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Malé Schnitzel jen to nejlepší....

Martina Kvaiserová
CZK 200

Snad se podaří vybrat pro Schnitzel potřebnou částku co nejdříve ❤️přeji jí i ostatním svěřencům hodně zdraví a Vám děkuji za obětavou péči pro všechny zvířátka 🥰

Alena Študlarová
CZK 100

chudatko male, drzim palce, at se brzo muzes prohanet s kamaradama

Romana Šperková
CZK 250