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Reconstruction of the ground floor of the Neveklov rectory

Let’s repair the ground floor of the Neveklov rectory together!

we started on 2021-03-12
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For five years we have been active in the Neveklov rectory and its surroundings. We offer activities for families and the general public, year-round education for children and summer day camps. We have grown from only four founding families to currently 90 members. As the number of members rises and the list of activities gets longer, the two rooms in the rectory we use right now are not enough. We benefit from the support of our members and others and we have managed a lot together. Therefore, we are endeavouring to create a quality environment for the whole ground floor of the rectory for the members of our association, parishioners and other interested parties. 

We have managed to put together most of the funds needed for the reconstruction of the ground floor of the rectory which started in January 2021. We also have funds for most of the equipment necessary. However, we need to put together funds for other non-eligible expenses (e.g. the kitchen and its equipment fulfilling hygiene standards, inside windows and other extra works which are needed in a protected building and cannot be planned ahead). 
The common room should look like this:

You can find more information on our website:

You can take a virtual visit through our latest video: 

Thank you for your help and support. We are looking forward to seeing you. 

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