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Donation for pasture for Goat Sanctuary

Hi dear compassionate friends. We are non-profit organisation based just outside of Prague, in Czechia, that takes care for unwanted, abused, handicapped and elderly goats, as well as other farm animals in need. Our sincere desire is to create a loving safe home for these broken tender souls. Thanks to your support, the animals who come to us get a chance to live a new, happier life. We want them to live as freely as possible, surrounded by love and understanding. Unfortunately, we will have to leave our current rented pastures :( The land owner desided to rent the land to a construction company to build warehouses ... :( And that's why we would like to buy for our goats our own land, where we will build a beautiful little paradise, both for animals in need and for people., We hope that with support from animal lovers such as yourself, we will manage to buy safe forever home for animals that they truely deserve. Every single donation counts.No donation is small. Every euro counts. Together we can make our dream come true. We thank you for our animals from the bottom of our hearts.

we started on 2021-02-14

Donation for pasture for Goat Sanctuary

Has your life been generous to you? Do you feel you live happy life? If you think you could share some of your happiness with us, please make a donation. Every donation counts and makes huge difference . Thank you for the bottom of our hearts Let's create better compassionate world.

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We currently take care of 15 goats- 13 girls and 3 boys, 6 chicken freed from cages of egg industry, 2 dogs and 2 cats.
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Pěkné Vánoce :)

Tomáš Obruba

Příspěvek od mamky Janči na kozí ráj. :-)

Veronika Vašková
CZK 2,000

Dar pro kozy

Jan Kalač
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Klára Gillernová
CZK 500

Nevím, kolik je potřeba, ale snad se brzy podaří částku vybrat. Ať se vám všem daří :)

Tomáš Obruba

Hodne stesti Lubo a holky! :-)

Romana Havrdova
CZK 500