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A kitten that almost froze to death is asking for help

Emaciated, covered by snow, on the edge of death – that is the condition of a little kitten found in a cowshed by a kind lady. 😭 They wouldn't have survived alone in the snow much longer, luckily they were transported to safety in time.

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The little one is hospitalized at the vet and is fighting. The poor thing is just skin and bones, they obviously haven't eaten for ages. 💔 But nothing's lost and we firmly hope that they will make it. There's still hope. 🙏

Please, support the kitten by a donation to provide them with all the needed veterinary care and give them a chance for a new life. 🙏
Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animal will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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Sasha died during the night. 💔 After all the time spent in winter and without food, the kitten was very weak and even though we tried hard, it was too late. 😢 The story breaks our hearts. We were hoping and believing till the last moment. Unfortunately, it didn't work out this time. 😔 We feel helplessness and sadness. One can never get used to those kinds of passing away. 😢

A huge thanks to everyone who supported Sasha. We received an enormous amount of messages, comments and donations from you who hoped and believed as we did. Thanks to your help, the kitten could get to know warmth, safety and love for at least the very last days.

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Přeji koťátku brzké uzdravení ♥️.

Tereza Hubáčková
CZK 100

Ať se koťátko brzy uzdraví

Michal Bárta
CZK 500

Hodne sily, kotatko... ❤️

Katerina Vihanova
CZK 100

Drž se broučku❤️

Simona Rechtoriková
CZK 500


Aleksandr Feklistov

Budeš v pořádku, Sashenko! 🥰

Věra Kubů
CZK 1,000

Tak doufám, že se kotě, co nejdříve uzdraví 😺.

David Kovář
CZK 250

I hope Sasha will pull through ❤❤❤

Ana Corujo

Velké díky za to co děláte Doufám, že to micinka přežije a bude dobrá.

Jiřina Bischoffiová
CZK 500