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Fill up a bowl for doggies and kitties in need

Dogs and cats in need aren't able to help themselves. But we, people, have the ability to change their lives for better. Join us and help us make sure they won't ever lack anything again. ❤️

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In the project Handipet Rescue, we take care of doggies and kitties whose life was unfair to them. We're saving broken dog and cat souls and help them find happiness again. We give a chance to all – healthy and ill. We're not afraid of anything and we always do everything in our power to provide the animals with the best possible care. ❤️

Join us and help fill up a bowl for doggies and kitties that are still waiting for their own loving families. Become their heroes. ❤️ The money received will be used to buy food and cat litter and provide everything the animals will need. 🐾

Every life has a meaning – The story of Sushi

Little Sushi was found in a box that was thrown away in a forest. She was freezing, hungry, terrified. She must have spent several days in the box before her rescuer finally appeared. Soon after she was found, we realized what was probably the reason why her former owners got rid of her in such a cruel way – Sushi was ill. She was one of the so-called "dancing" animals, who aren't able to fully control their movements. It's definitely not something so bad and serious to prevent her from living a beautiful and long life.

We took Sushi in and took care of her as if she was our own. She spent several months in our care and during the time, she grew up and became a self-confident and just absolutely amazing doggie who enjoys life to the fullest. And in the end, even she found the right hooman who finally gave her what she'd been longing for her whole life – her own HOME. ❤️

Sushi was sentenced to death by one person, but a lot more people decided to give her a chance. Her story moved a lot of people and we believe that we all will agree on one thing – her life has a meaning.

About Handipet Rescue

Handipet Rescue is a refuge for dogs and cats who are in need of help. We're giving a chance to anyone, even in those cases where others would just give up a long time ago. We believe that every life has a meaning and every animal deserves a chance. Even if it's hard, we keep on fighting as much as we can as long as there's any hope left. 💪

The animals in our care live in foster cares where they have the opportunity to get to know what living in a loving family looks like. Some of them already know this, others are learning it for the first time.

We're not state-subsidized at all, meaning we can operate only because of good people as you are. We can care about the animals kindly, give them good food and quality veterinary care, but we would never be able to pay for all of it if it wasn't for you. Thank you for helping with us! ❤️
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Děkujeme za to, co děláte <3


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Thank you for all the work you do!

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