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Help for Dan and Cherry

Dan and Cherry, two friends that lost everything. 💔 They loved their hooman very much, so they were heartbroken when they had to leave him. That's because his life took an unexpected turn and he got in a situation in which he couldn't have continued taking care of his doggie friends... 😔 Please, will you help Dan and Cherry at the start of their new life? 🙏

This campaign is already closed. Thank you!
We always try to find a way to help without the animal having to leave a loving home, but unfortunately, it couldn't be done like that in this case. 😔 Dan and Cherry therefore had to say goodbye and move to a foster care.
They're a bit insecure because of the new environment and new people and the look on their confused faces hurts us. But their foster auntie does everything in her power to make this big change as easy as possible for them and show them there's still a lot of things they can look forward to in life. ❤

We will be very grateful if you support Dan and Cherry by a donation that will help cover the cost of all of their needs. That way, you will show them that they're not alone in this. 🙏

Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animals will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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Eva Procházková
CZK 300

Danečkovi a Cherrynce❤️❤️🍀🍀🍀

Šárka Kučerová
CZK 200

Posílám pohlazení drobkům ❤

Andrea Kuchtová
CZK 200

Prajem všetko dobré a skoré umiestnenie k milujúcej rodinke🙂

Igor Šottník
CZK 200