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Help Secure PONTO Animal Sanctuary

Help us feed the animals and build new, thermally insulated shelters and other things necessary for the animal sanctuary and care for rescued animals. Every penny counts and the animals really need your help!

we started on 2020-12-22

Help Secure PONTO Animal Sanctuary

PONTO Animal Sanctuary is still a project at birth and obtaining the finances necessary for securing all animals and rescuing new ones requires your help. For that reason we are turning to you with this fundraiser, thanks to which you can be a part of our project and participate in its expansion. By supporting this fundraiser you will help us pay for food for the animals, vet bills (vaccines, castrations, surgeries, medicine), construction material for fences, henhouses, insulation etc., but also our health insurance and other basic needs such as plant-based food for the members of the sanctuary, so that they have the ability to give the animals the attention they deserve. This is therefore a contribution to the general maintenance of the sanctuary and all things necessary for it.

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We at PONTO do our best to push back the idea that any sort of difference between so called "domestic" and "farm" animals allows us to divide them into edible and inedible. Our goal therefore is to help all animals without a double standard and to inspire others to expand their field of compassion to all living beings.


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Denisa Madejova
CZK 500


Šimon Kubát
CZK 500

Zdraví Vegan villa, krásný vstup do nového roku!

Martina Kužmiaková
CZK 2,000

Děkuji za vše, co děláte. Přeji krásný rok 2022! ❤️

CZK 10,000

Ať se daří! :-)

CZK 1,000

Děkuji za zvířátka ❤️

Michaela Wlazlová
CZK 500

Držte se <3 Díky za to, co děláte.

Heduš Kuku

Jste nejúžasnější! Jsem ráda, že na světě někdo takový je a stará se, aby se ta zvířátka taky měla pěkně a dostávala lásku💛

Alena Urbanová
CZK 100

Je to u vás krásné a také bych ráda měla tolik zvířátek :)

Zuzana Petráchová
CZK 500

Hope this helps a little x

Chloe Hendriksen