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Help Sambi get back on his feet

We took in a doggie that couldn't walk on his hind legs. Sadly, when the vet examined Sambi, he found out that Sambi has a dysplasia that hasn't been treated for two years. In the end, Sambi's legs hurt so much that Sambi decided to stop using them. But there's still hope in the form of a surgery and we truly hope that Sambi will manage to get back on all four legs. Please, will you donate to cover the cost of his surgery? 🙏

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Sambi's dysplasia could have been solved by a surgery two years ago. Unfortunately, the previous vet wrongly diagnosed Sambi with a stroke instead (he considered the stroke to be the reason of Sambi's "paralysis"), so no one was solving the dysplasia. 😤 In the end, the legs started to hurt Sambi so much that he had to stop using them, even though he feels them normally. 😢💔
In order for the surgery to have a meaning, it was necessary for Sambi to gain strength in the legs and activate muscles again. Due to not using the legs for several months, the muscles in the legs were wery paralysed. That's why his foster auntie exercised regularly with Sambi and Sambi fought bravely and showed us that he's still willing to use the muscles in his legs. ❤️

So, we consulted everything with the vet. The vet examined Sambi again and decided it's not necessary to continue waiting. Sambi can undergo the surgery. 😍
Sambi has a chance to stand on his hind legs without pain again after a long time. ❤️ Unfortunately, it's not 100% certain the surgery will solve the problem, since his dysplasia was untreated for so long. We hope very much and keep all fingers crossed for him. Sambi's been troubled for a long time and we wish him to be able to heal. ❤️🙏

The surgery will cost about CZK 15 000. Please, will you help him get back on his feet? 🙏 Sambi will be grateful for any donation by which you will help him cover the cost of the surgery. ❤️

Donations exceeding the expenses of taking care of particular animals will be used to get help to animals in need, in accordance with the announced collection.
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