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Give your loved ones a TREE and TIME for Christmas with Plant-for-the-Planet

Give a present that is not materialistic, a present that creates a positive impact. Plant trees in countries that need them the most, so that the developing communities can fight the climate crisis and poverty at the same time. Each tree can absorb up to 500 kg of CO2 and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. That way, each tree can give us a bit more time to cut down on our emissions and solve the climate crisis.

we started on 2020-11-26

Give your loved ones a certificate of planting trees in the developing countries this Christmas.

Decide on how many trees you want to plant. Every 4 € (100 CZK) plants one tree. Choose 1, 5, 10 or 35 trees or your own amount by clicking on "other amount". We will split your donation between 6 amazing reforestation projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia. However, if you only want your donation to support one country, tell us so in the donation form and we'll make it happen. After making the donation you shall receive a certificate that you can then put under a Christmas Tree.

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Jäggi Jäggi
CZK 600

Hnes se mi lip dycha ♥️😉

Andrea Ruzickova
CZK 3,500

Děkuji za tento projekt 🍀 Hezké svatky.

Jan Tabášek

Jsem rád, že jsem mohl přispět. Děkuji Pavlovi Tocikovi za inspiraci.

Pavel Tichý
CZK 500

Nekupuj blbosti, kup strom!🙂🌲

Veronika Kohútová

Děkujeme za skvělý projekt.

Radka Milská
CZK 1,000

Koupila jsem pro celou rodinu, krásná kampaň. Hodně štěstí.

Kristýna Burgetová
CZK 1,000

Drzim palce, nech sa podari vyzbierat a zasadit toho co najviac. B

Boris Braun
CZK 500

Krásný projekt :-)