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The Noah Community is a very diverse collective of people from all walks of life who found their second home at a presbytery in Holostrevy in west Bohemia district, the Czech republic. Since 1998 the Community has held and participated in many spiritual, cultural, educational and civic events every year, combining the elements of education and contemplation with physical labour, offering a unique experience of a balanced approach to Life.

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At first we concentrated on reconstructing the main presbytery building, abandoned since the end of WW2. Once the premises reached an operative condition, we turned them into a spiritual, cultural and educational centre open to a broad spectrum of people, although to this day the reconstruction of all the buildings is far from over. 
Our main focus is to offer a safe environment where people of different religious beliefs, social statuses or political points of view may meet and interact, and perhaps re-connect with each other on a deeper basis than which the social status, religion or politics may ever offer. While our activities started as regional, at this point in time both speakers and attendees travel to us from all over the country, and sometimes from abroad. To be able to continue our mission and to continue growing as an organisation, we need your financial help.

What will you be helping with:
  • The upkeep and refurbishment of the common areas including the historical kitchen: New mattresses, furniture for the hall and common area, cookware and dinnerware needs to be updated.
  • Finishing the reconstruction of our baroque barn. We were able to save the building by stabilizing its outer walls and giving it a brand new roof in 2019 (see photos). Once finished, the barn will be used as an auditorium for events bigger than what the main presbytery can hold.
Events we currently host - come see us!
  • Contemplative workshops, individual introspective silent retreats.
  • Networking & supportive meetings for those active within the civil society.
  • Schólé - retreat held a few times a year combining the elements of expert lectures, cultural workshops, contemplation and physical work, all of this within a group of 40-60 people living together as a community for 3-5 days.
  • Holostok - an annual summer festival offering the best from various music genres and theatre; 2021 will host its 20th edition
  • Easter - Seder dinner, stations-of-the-cross themed nature walk, church service.
  • Early spring mini movie festival - good movies, good company.
  • Voluntary work throughout the year, winter carnival, concerts, lectures and more.
Among many of those who accepted our invitation as speakers were for example the song writer Jarda Svoboda, west Bohemian district manager Josef Bernard, journalist Jana Ustohalova, priest Tomas Halik, senators Marek Hilser and Zdenek Papousek, the founders of the Million Moments for Democracy movement Mikulas Minar a Benjamin Roll, director and civic activist Apolena Rychlikova, writer Jiri Padevet, theologist Denisa Cervenkova and others. Many of them keep coming back.

Each contribution will help us to continue in our activities. Thank you.

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