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Victor Fainberg. Aharai!

You are cordially invited to help release a gripping documentary on legendary Soviet dissident Victor Fainberg, one of the “Magnificent Eight” Soviet citizens who dared to protest the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia in the Red Square demonstration of August 25, 1968.

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Since 2011 Russian filmmakers Kirill and Ksenia Sakharnov (Sugar Docs) have recorded the testimony of Soviet dissident Victor Fainberg. They traveled through Russia and France, interviewing witnesses, gathering new archives, and revisiting the places where Victor’s story took place. The filmmakers plan to release their film by Victor Fainberg’s 90th birthday in November 2021.
Kirill and Ksenia Sakharnov lack additional final means to bring their film to life. Through Czech friends, they turned to Post Bellum / Memory of the Nation. Please help them release their documentary that captures the trajectory of a man who has left an eternal imprint on the Soviet dissident movement and the memory of the Czech and Slovak nations.   
Fainberg is one of the last living participants of the 1968 Red Square demonstration. Following the demonstration, he spent 5 years and a half in Soviet “special psychiatric hospitals” where he held one of the longest hunger strikes (81 days) of the Soviet dissident movement and managed - through the extraordinary defection of a Soviet psychiatrist - to lead an international campaign from the loneliness of his cell. In late 1973 Fainberg was released without having made any single compromise with the Soviet regime. Victor Fainberg was granted honorary citizenship of the city of Prague (1990), Medal of the President of Slovak Republic (2014) and Gratias Agit award for promoting the good name of the Czech Republic abroad (2018).

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Today we would have celebrated the eighty-fifth birthday of Natalya Gorbanevskaya. We would like to invite you to watch the film of Ksenia and Kirill  to remember this remarkable woman. It is now available (in Russian with Czech subtitles) on Havel Channel.

Dear supporters,

we are pleased to invite you to watch 5 Minutes of Freedom, the film of Ksenia and Kirill Sakharnov. It is now available (in Russian with Czech subtitles) on Havel Channel.

You can also join us on Thursday March 4 at 7 P.M. on livestream Rebels in Russia with Ksenia and Kirill, but unfortunately this screening is for Czech speakers only (with simultaneous Czech translation over the original Russian).

We are thrilled to share exciting news!

After more than forty-five years of shared life and struggles, Victor and Françoise Fainberg celebrated their wedding in a tiny French village, Dammarie, where they currently live.

Our warmest congratulations !

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спасибо Вам за стойкость и правду.

tatiana beliaeva

Diky a preji mnoho zdaru s dokoncenim filmu!

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Thank you Ksenia and Kirill Sakharnov! You are the best!


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Ať se daří!

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Спасибо за все, дорогой Виктор!

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I would like to thank the filmmakers for a wonderful initiative that is so necessary for historic memory.

Mikhail Filippov

Et que nous partagions ce film avec Victor en bonne santé

Richard Claude et Arielle

Thank you Ksenia & Kirill Sakharnov and Michaela Stoilova for your talent and amazing work!


Hi I'm really impressed by your father!! I'm looking forward to seeing the story of your dad!! It's incredible and very inspiring 🤩 I know this isn't a lot but I would like to help. 🥰

Liav Boutboul