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Sibiř for all, all for Sibiř

In the beginning Sibiř was basically a ruin. Since spring 2017 we did a lot of work in the house, and with our own hands and own money, we started to build space, which will be creative, collective, self-governed and non-commercial. Now - same as many others - we are under big pressure by corona-crisis. Help us to preserve Sibiř on the cultural map of Brno.

we started on 2020-10-25
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Sibiř started to grow in the spring 2017, when we got keys from former cinema and entered for the first time. We started to repair whole building with our own hands and money and to bring life back into its walls.
Countless hours of voluntary work and countless amount of funds started to be visible on the shape of the building, and the house improved year by year. Sibiř step by step started to be place of gathering of different (sub)cultures and genres.
Since the beginning, when punk and hardcore bands played basically on the "construction site", we expanded our program and Sibiř hosted not only gigs, but lectures, theatrical plays, feminist or architectonic conferences, movie projections for children, independent fashion show, Native and indigenous film festival or art openings. During the last year we also provided kitchen for local Food not bombs collective, which is cooking free food for everybody in need.
All of this was possible due efforts and enthusiasm of the whole Sibiř collective, and also enthusiasm of all of you, who were visiting the place and all the actions we made.
In this year we had big plans. Of course we wanted to continue with the repairs, but more importantly we hoped to finally build heating in the house and Sibiř will stop being Siberia literally during the winters. We also planned to improve the cinema infrastructure and start to project movies with better tech than just old crappy projector.
But instead of further improvement, the coronavirus arrived and with it draconic countermeasures limiting the possibilities to make any actions, and in the end all the actions were banned. That damaged not only the cultural program, but also our financial situation and currently we are nearing the bottom of our financial reserves.
All of you, who care for this little piece of free, non-commercial space, we ask for your support. Whether you decide to support us with one-time or recurring donation, we are in situation, when every buck counts.
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Už aby zase mohly být akce! Doufám, že to zvládnete, než skončí tento covid blázinec 🤘 Držte se.

Jakub Urbanec
CZK 800

Držím palce Sibiři! a těším se až zas bude otevřeno.

Martin Novák

___oceňujem vynaložené úsilie, bola by škoda to nechať padnúť___

Michal Bútor

Zdravím, dělám v Olomouci punk akci Punx night a rád Vám přispěji z fondu akce. Doufám, že i ta 500 trochu pomůže. Super, že provozujete takové místo, hodně zdaru a úspěchů a někdy v lepších časech naviděnou! :-)

Franta Kosmick
CZK 500

Drzte se!

Marketa Borovcova
CZK 200

Držím palce, ať to Sibiř ustojí!

Jitka Votavová

Držte sa. Ste super.

Eva Kicková

Držím palce, hodně zdaru!

Radek Vantuch
CZK 1,000

Hlavně ať to nadále šlape, byla by škoda kdyby ne.

Marcela Kočíková
CZK 1,000