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Turn your money into good deeds

In the Czech Republic, there are many organizations which aim to make the world a better place. However many of them, especially the little ones, but determined, are very often depended on help of volunteers, because they simply may lack the money, time or helping hands. Help us connect 150 volunteers with 15 organizations in 2021.

we started on 2020-11-18

Help us to make good acts in 2021

With your donation, we can make big and GOOD things!
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And it is this simple:
Help us send volunteers to organizations, which need it.
2. A group of volunteers will do work over the weekend that would otherwise cost thousands of crowns and take a lot of time.
3. And there you have one more good deed and many more smiling faces in the world! :)

We connect people and SENSUAL work of dozens of non-profit organizations throughout the Czech Republic. We organize day, weekend and up to two weeks long volunteer projects to help Czech non-profit organizations.
We leave behind repaired fences, painted windows, ragged leaves, new sidewalks and entire walls. In short, we help non-profits grow.

What the say about us?

Join us in our mission of volunteer and non-profit sector development and help us make good deeds also in the upcoming year of 2021. 
"When the pandemic crisis is over, we really want to be ready to respond and get back to work. The small actions of every one of our volunteers, that help grow dozens of nonprofits every year and help them achieve their visions, are things that make humans human. Help us do our job in 2021, so our work and its impact won't disappear. "
Markéta, director of Tamjdem
Even good deeds cost something.
With your help we can for 45.000 Kč send 150 volunteers into 15 organizations, which change the world for the better.

What is behind the amounts?
It might not be so obvious, however, there is a lot of work behind organizing a volunteer event. Our coordinator Zuzka arranges a form of cooperation with non-profits, searches for and coordinates the leaders of individual events and is always ready to support them. Firstly, we must train our leaders and provide them with the necessary material. There are several tasks behind sending one volunteer, from accepting an application form up to purchase a ticket for the group travel. And that's not the end of it! We are in contact with our volunteers online and offline all the time and we are constantly trying to invent new ADVENTURES. There is a lot of work behind each volunteer, but it makes a lot of sense to us.
What do you think?

Do volunteers really help?
 A group of volunteers is able to do work in about 12 hours that can save non-profit organizations thousands of crowns. Thanks to their commitment, cooperation and enthusiasm, a group of volunteers can playfully build a wall, cover a roof, mow a meadow or prepare wood for winter.

Where do we help?

HELP US until December 5th - The International Volunteer Day to get as much as possible, so that next year we can start it in a big way.

Donate, share and tell your friends about us ..
. Help us make the world a little better place. Be in it with us!

THANK YOU for your donations and support.
For Tamjdem tým 
Markéta, Zuzka, Kája and Martin
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