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WOODS. Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art is raising funds to plant an edible forest. Your contribution will help us purchase and plant trees and bushes that will grow on a communal meadow and forest plot and will bear fruit for people, animals, insects, and all who visit the forest. We have used permaculture design to prepare a detailed list of seedlings. You can choose which trees and bushes you would like to support and come look at them during future WOODS actions.

we started on 2020-10-16

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WOODS. Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art is a space linking creation, research, agricultural work, activism, and rest. With a vision of sharing and communal development, a 2.8-hectare plot of forest and meadow was purchased for these goals in 2019 in the village of Hnátnice in the Orlické Mountains. 

The purpose of the community is to create a sustainable biodiverse forest amenable to a wide variety of life forms from microorganisms, bacteria, plants, mushrooms, and animals all the way to humans. A farm is gradually being created on the plot, as is a garden founded on permaculture principles, living facilities for both long-term and short-term residencies, and a year-long program of educational and cultural activities.

We will use your contribution to purchase seedlings of fruit trees and bushes.
For example: 
Walnut Mars – 10 EUR
Apple Rubinola – 20 EUR
Pear Red Clapp's Favorite + Cherry Rivan + Apricot Leskorka + Sea-buckthorn – 33 EUR
Mulberry + Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Lutea + Dotted Hawthorn Aurea + Pomegranate Rowan + Medlar + Sorb Tree – 65 EUR

List and price-list of trees and bushes
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Díky za les! Ať roste, vzkvétá a plodí. ;-)

Petr Zubek

Ať všem v Orličkách chutná jedlý les

Petr Pinkas
CZK 3,000


Honza Černý
CZK 300

Podporuji JEDLÝ LES na památku své babičky z Dolní Dobrouče! Byla Dobrá Čarodějnice, do Lesa by jistě ráda chodila!

Helena Vágnerová
CZK 5,000

Pro škvory

David Fesl
CZK 600

S radostí jsem podpořila výsadbu stromků! Přeju, ať se sázení vydaří a dobře rostou :-)

Jitka Píchová
CZK 500

prosím, hlavně moruši a oskeruši!

Kateřina Svatoňová

Filip Cenek
CZK 600

Skvělej projekt. Díky. 🌲🌲❤️

Bionaut s.r.o. Vratislav Šlajer
CZK 1,000