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Grandma Dinky is asking you for help

The dog grandma Dinky had to be hospitalised at the vet, because she didn't want to eat and she wasn't feeling well. She can't keep food in her stomach and so she has infusion. The cost of the care is rising every day, please, will you help her get well? 🙏

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Dinky wasn't eating properly and she wasn't feeling well, so she had to go to a vet immediately. 😔 The vet examined her and decided that Dinky has to stay hospitalised so that he could have her under supervision. Dinky can't keep food in her stomach and so she has to have infusion. 😢

According to the vet, it seems that Dinky has intestinal flu and because of her old age, it's harder for her body to fight it than it would be for younger doggies. 😔 But the vet will run tests to be sure, in case there's another problem somewhere. 😔

We now often think about Dinky and we hope her condition will improve soon. 🙏 Unfortunately, the cost of taking care of Dinky is rising with every day of hospitalisation. 😔 Please, will you donate for Dinky's treatment? 🙏
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Dinky, nevzdavej to!

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