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Do you want to support app Don't panic which help people with the mental illneses?

we started on 2020-10-02

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App Don't panic is mobile application which helps people with mental illnesses - depression, anxiety, panic attacks, self harm, suicide thoughts and eating disorder. App is for FREE and you can download it in Google play or in App store. 

During one and half year we help more then 100 thousand users and only in Czech republic we have saved 103 lives. 

App is translated to the 9 languages so it helps in whole world (140 lands). 

We are all volunteers and because the app is for free we don't have money from it. So this is the reason why we are looking for our heroes who want to help with us. Please support our app and help us to improve the app. 

If you are a company and you will support us with 100€ and more, we will put your logo in our app and on our webside. 

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Díky za to, co děláte💜

Sophie Šarláková
CZK 500

Díky za Vaši aplikaci, ať se daří! :)

Marcela Tesařová
CZK 200

Díky že jste.



Karolína Tulingerová
CZK 300

Už jste mi nejednou pomohli tak aspoň trochu pomůžu i já vám.

CZK 100

Oddil Uzkost - Relaxace - nejlepsi meditace, co jsem zazil (vyzkouseno x placenych aplikaci) a jako bonus sexy hlas slecny, ktera provazi. Thumbs up!

Alexey Ushakov
CZK 500

Děkuji za aplikaci!

Marek Mucha
CZK 300

klobouk dolu pred vasim projektem!

Petr Michovský
CZK 300

Thank you for your help with panic attacks!

Iris Archer

Velké díky za všechny panikáře, kteří hledají svou cestu a nevzdávají to. 👍

Tomáš Krása