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The Don't panic app has reached a great milestone of 100 thousand downloads. The app has ALWAYS been FREE and it wil continue to be this way into the future. Will we be able to raise 1 euro per 300 downloads towards further development?

we started on 2020-10-06
raised 101 % out of  €1,183

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What is the Don't panic app?
We are the first Czech mobile app which helps people suffering from mental illnesses. In half a year since we launched the app, it has been downloaded over 100 thousand times by people from 140 different countries and in Czechia alone, it has saved over 100 lives.

We are a team of young people who decided to help others in our free time. Today we are expanding our services and we need your help.

On October 5th we launched a Don't panic counseling, where 11 students of psychology are going to be helping young people orient themselves and guide them to the right aid. The counseling is free but to ensure that our volunteers are as helpful as possible, we want to provide them with further education and supervisions.

Outside of these main activities, we do a number of smaller projects.

You too can support us in our quest to help young people with mental illnesses. We would appreciate any donations.

What will we use the money on?
 €369 will cover 4 team supervisions

If we manage to raise more than that, we know how we could put the extra money to good use.
€555 could ensure supervisions of the team for the entire year
€1111 could help us train new volunteers in crisis intervention
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Držím Vám palčeky v projekte a prajem hlavne veľa síl pri pomoci ľuďom v tejto situácií.

Michaela Červinková

Aplikace mi pomáhá se stresem, úzkosti a panikou. Děkuji. ❤️ Je to úžasný projekt.


Jen tak dále!

Tomáš Bystřičan

Good luck to all of you.😄☀️✌️

Magdalena Chlubnová
CZK 1,000


CZK 2,000

Hondě štěstí <3

Anna Popelková

Díky, každou paniku rozdychám s vámi.

Gabriela Křivánková
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Pokračujte v tom co děláte, držím palce! 😊

Laura Zuckersteinová
CZK 100

Děkuji a apku a vše co děláte.

Dominika Schuppanová
CZK 1,000

Díky za všechno, co děláte! 🙏

Pavlína Procházková
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