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Beruška, Zrzka and Ferda need your help

Beruška, Zrzka and Ferda - two kitty ladies, one tomcat, three strong life stories. Each of them was in need in the past, but all of them got help from Ms Silvie, who took them home, took care of them and gave them a loving home. ❤️ Unfortunately, the kitties have some health issues now, the cost of veterinary care is not a small amount and Ms Silvie starts having problems to manage it. Please, will you send a donation for the needed care? 🙏

we started on 2020-08-10

🙏 Please, donate for the needed care for the kitties. 🙏

Together we can make it. ❤️
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We were contacted by Ms Silvie, who is taking care of 11 kitties right now. All of those kitties were in need in the past, but Ms Silvie didn't let them suffer and helped them. ❤️ She does everything she can for the kitties and she takes care that they always have everything they need. ❤️ Unfortunately, she now got in a situation when three kitties at one time need a rather costly veterinary care and she starts to be unable to cope financially. So, when she asked us for helping her get the needed money, we didn't hesitate and absolutely agreed. 💪

The kitties are named Beruška, Zrzka and Ferda. They all have harsh experiences in their past, but thanks to Ms Silvia, they got to know what it's like to have a loving home. 💕 Unfortunately, their health issues are constantly making their lives more complicated. 😔 Beruška has a tumor in her ear, the medication against it is working and the ear is slowly getting better. But the cure is not cheap. 😔 Zrzka and Ferda have teeth problems, Zrzka already underwent a surgery, but Ferda is yet to be operated on. On top of that, the vet thought Zrzka's thyroid didn't seem right and so besides surgery, she also needed another examination. 😔

We need to raise 20 000 CZK to help Ms Silvie and the kitties. Ms Silvie is one of those people who will never leave a kitten in need without help and we believe she herself deserves help. If you agree with us, please, donate to help the kitties pay for the veterinary care. 🙏 Even a small donation will get us one step closer to our goal. If we all join forces, we will surely make it. 🙏💪
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