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They fought for our freedom. Now they need our help! Thanks to your contributions we can send witnesses respirators and PPE, provide shopping and medicine delivery, help register them for COVID-19 vaccination, or mediate expert assistant in case of need. And mainly – give them much-needed human contact to encourage them in the isolation of their homes. When COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, we plan to expand our services and our preparing to open intergenerational centres in Memory of Nations Institutes in several regional cities in the Czech Republic. These will offer a regular programme for seniors and will also serve as a place where witnesses will meet with pupils and students. Help is offered primarily to witnesses who have shared their story with us in the Memory of Nations documentary project and to participants in the Second and Third Resistance.

we started on 2020-03-17
We are very grateful for your support! We would like to collect 1,500,000 CZK in aid of witnesses. Please support the Memory of Nations Help Hub so we can help those who need it.

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The Memory of Nations appeals to the public: we must not let old people suffer isolated and abandoned in their homes. Memory of Nations documentarians have been visiting witnesses and recording their stories for almost 20 years. Many seniors put their lives on the line during World War II, suffered in concentration camps or Communist prisons because they decided to stand up for others in difficult times, fighting for freedom. It is now time for us to help them.

The Help Hub is aimed at all witnesses whose life story was recorded by documentarians in the past 20 years. It offers contact-free delivery of groceries, medicine, and other services to resistance fighters who opposed Nazism and Communism, survivors of the Holocaust, former political prisoners, dissidents, and their loved ones. The Memory of Nations Help Hub is now actively contacting witnesses who have shared their stories with us, but we also ask witnesses to contact us directly with any request – by phone at 601 601 156, or by email
Your contribution will mainly be used to buy PPE and disinfectant for both seniors and the volunteers who help them. It will also help cover the operational expenses of the Memory of Nations Help Hub or possibly be used to aid seniors in difficult financial situations.

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Díky. Jste nejlepší lidi ve vesmíru.

Matouš Rucki
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