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NePornu 2020

Our goal is to raise awareness of the dangers of pornography and to help (especially through e-coaching) those who are struggling with addictive behavior connected with watching pornography.

we started on 2020-01-16

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Project NePornu (no to porn) has been helping people addicted to porn and their partners for over two years now. Just last year, 243 people contacted us for help. We also trained 10 e-coaches who took care about these people and were helping them. 

We want to continue in our efforts, and so we have set up these goals for 2020:
  • reach at least 500 new people, whom we will be able to help
  • train at least 20 new e-coaches (one e-coach covers about 15 contacts a year) 
  • create at least 2 new online courses (about 200 people go through one online course a year) 
  • once a month a new article on our website 
  • once a month a new life story on our website
All donations will be used only to reach the goals mentioned above.

You can check our work at the website
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