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At every club meeting we ask members to make a small donation which is entirely to support good causes in the name of Rotary International. We do this by handing around a bowl which is known as the Vesela Koruna. Members typically donate upwards of 50 crowns and over the year the amount builds up to a substantial sum. The funds support projects funded by the Rotary Foundation. This is the virtual form of the donation bowl - we would be most grateful for any donation you feel you can make.

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Ales Zidek
CZK 500

Happy birthday Paul Harris !

Ota Hlídek
CZK 1,000

RC Bratislava Int.

Radoslav Simon
CZK 250

keep up the good work! Enjoy rotary!

Jeroen Maassen van den Brink
CZK 500

Let's do this.

Sanan Phutrakul
CZK 150

Happy to attend :)

Sara Chehada

Having fun, doing good.

Sanan Phutrakul
CZK 100

Hope to see You guys in person soon, take care...

Ota Hlídek
CZK 1,000

Keep up the great work!

Christian Noll

Veselá koruna...

Andras Auber
CZK 150