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We are a non-profit organization that strengthens local social ties and supports people experiencing homelessness or other people need. We create a Solidarity network connecting socially friendly places, cafes and shopkeepers that decide to offer small services to anyone. Together we can reduce social exclusion in Prague.

Solidarity network in our neighborhoods

Each of your contributions will make it easier for us to continue our work. Thanks to you we can support people in need and solidarity in our city. Thank you for your support!

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We aim to:
  • create opportunities and social ties between people in need and their surroundings
  • destigmatize homelessness
  • break stereotypes and barriers towards people without homes and in need
  • create solidarity and a more socially friendly neighborhood.
Why social friendliness?
Over 20,000 people in the Czech Republic are homeless, while thousands of others find themselves in hidden homelessness, living in shelters, hostels etc. Their needs are usually addressed on an institutional basis only, which contributes to feelings of social exclusion and loneliness. People who would gladly offer their help unfortunately often lack the necessary platform and the know-how.
In 2017, we started thinking about the possibilities of building new avenues of support and solidarity within our society. We perceived the need for change, for better connection between people in need/without homes with their surroundings, as well as a distinct need for the general public to have more access, information and possibilities to help people in need within their neighbourhood. With the start of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the current inflation, we are even more aware of the importance of creating relationships between people - it can help those in need get back on their feet.

For the first time ever, Prague has a network in place that connects businesses, the public and professional social services in direct assistance to people in need. The businesses of the solidarity network offer free small services: water, toilet etc. The public can purchase vouchers to support people in need, such vouchers will offer coffee, food, event access and more to, whilst simultaneously supporting the business. Information about the associated businesses and services offered is distributed to people in need by official social service providers – our partners in this effort.
  • We are connecting 20 solidarity places in Prague – 8 cafes, 5 bistros/restaurants, 2 second-hand stores, 2 cultural/community centres, 1 theathre and 1 bookstore – across 7 districts of Prague. We can see that people around want to help! And we give them the opportunity, the tools and the support to do so.

  • We cooperate with most of the main providers of social services in Prague for people in need and without people homes.

  • We are a member of The Chime, an international platform of similar projects around the world.
Thanks to continuous, long-term operation, our solidarity network has improved everyday life conditions of people in need  and is even reliable in emergency situations. Our network has encouraged relationships and social cohesion, which we believe is necessary for people of different social statuses living together in the same community.

Still a big part of our work is voluntary. We will therefore be grateful for your help. Every contribution you make will help us continue our work. Thank you!

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  • Not only Praguers but also foreigners living here are interested in the topic of homelessness and helping people in need. They would often like to help, but many of them do not have enough information on how to get involved in helping. Thanks to the cooperation with Studio Alta, in 2020 we managed to organize an online presentation about homelessness in English, thanks to which participants could get a better overview of the support system for homeless people, and how they can help these people.

  • What did for people in needwe do when we could not exhibit, give concerts and the solidarity network had to close their businesses?

    Thanks to the connection of small entrepreneurs in the solidarity network, social services, people in need and the public, we are able to respond to emergencies. One of them is, for example, the situation surrounding the COVID-19 measure. During the crisis measures, we mobilized a group of volunteers and small entrepreneurs who helped us supplement the limited functioning of outpatient and outreach social services for the homeless. Over the course of seven weeks, we delivered over 2,000 lunches to shelters free of charge, handing out drapes, toiletries, disinfectants and hot food in the field. In the autumn wave of measures, we distributed lunches to the crisis hostel in Melounov, to the field of disinfection and 1,800 delicious baguettes. The already mentioned "educated" foreigners were involved in this wave, who turned to us with an offer of voluntary help.

    The impact of this aid was positive for small entrepreneurs in the solidarity network, who could cover at least part of their costs by cooking for people in need. The finances were provided by the public, who joined forces in solidarity and thus took advantage of a specific opportunity to help. In addition to material help, homeless people also received human support in a difficult situation and the knowledge that their surroundings were interested in them. We believe that in crisis situations, we will be able to react promptly and help people in need where they are needed. By contributing, you will help us continue our activities. Thank you!

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Thank you Barbara Woodard and IWAP charity for informing us about this group.
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