Místní místním, z.ú.

Regional and Community Development Socially Disadvantaged Groups

Social friendly neighborhoods for people without home

We are a small NGO (*2019) that creates a network of cafes, restaurans and small shopkeepers who decide to offer small services for free to people without home or anyone in need. We support our city in solidarity and direct help towards people around us.

Solidarity network in our neighborhoods

Each of your contributions makes it easier for us to expand the solidarity network in our neighborhoods. Thank you for your support!

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Why social friendliness?

Over 23,000 people in the Czech Republic are homeless, while thousands others are in the situation of hidden homelessness, living in shelters, hostels etc. Their needs are usually addressed on institutional base only. It contributes to their feeling of social exclusion and loneliness. People who would offer their help gladly, lack the know-how and the needed platform.

Solution? For the first time in the country, our NGO connects commercial businesses, social services and the public cooperate in offering direct help towards people in need. Cafés, shops etc. offer small free services (e.g. water, toilet), the public can pre-pay a voucher for coffee, meal, event etc. Social services distribute all these
information towards people in need.

At the moment we connect 11 businesses in 7 districts of Prague, Czech republic. We can see how people are willing to support their neighborhoors! And we create possibilities and tools so that they are able to continue.

Our aim is to:
  • create social bounds between people without home or people in need and their neighborhoods
  • destigmatization of homelessnes, removing stereotypes and barriers in different social circles
  • building local communits and empowering their relationships, supporting solidarity
  • involving society in direct help to the people around
Each of your contributions makes it easier for us to maintain our activities. Every contributor is a sign for us that people care for their surrounding! Thank you for your support!

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