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Havel Forever - Vaclav Havel Library Friends Club

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to the Vaclav Havel Library for its activities. Educational programs, international conferences, lectures, discussions, concerts, books... The Vaclav Havel Library has been caring for the legacy of the first Czech president since 2004.

we started on 2019-10-04
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We are aware that freedom and democracy must be cared for. We strive doing this through our own educational programs, publications and organized meetings at Ostrovní 13 (but also via platform ). We promote critical thinking, open up new topics, defend civil society and care for its value health.

Does our work make sense to you and would you like to become our long-term supporters? We invite you to become a member of the Vaclav Havel Library Friends Club

Your contribution would help us:
  • to organize regular events for the public
  • to develop our editorial plan and publishing activities
  • to produce educational mini-series and audiovisual projects 
Help us inspire those around you and give Friends Club membership as the gift to someone! A gift certificate with the name of the recipient will be sent to your e-mail.
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Ivan Klimes was a beacon in the world of scientific publishing and a man of great sincerity.

David Smith

This donation is in. memory of our good friend Ivan Frantisek Klimes RIP

Jeremy Goldbloom

Remembering Ivan F Klimeš.

David Powell
CZK 3,000

Veselé Vánoce

Milan Špičák
CZK 2,000

Moc děkuji Knihovně V. Havla, jste skvělí :-)

Josef Svoboda
CZK 2,000

Držím palce

Petr Knapp

Snažte se dále připomínat odkaz VH

Karel Praveček
CZK 500

Děkuji Vám za Vaši práci.

Alena Braťková

Dobrý den, děkuji za Vaši letitou práci, které její potřeba stále stoupá.

Petr Katanski
CZK 3,000

Hodně štěstí v roce 2022. Ať se vám daří.

Luděk Pech
CZK 300