POHODA - společnost pro normální život lidí s postižením, z.ú.

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Support our employees in cafe Bílá vrána

Give small donation to make huge impact! A small € 12 donation equals one work hour for our employees with intellectual disabilities and their asistents. Our cafe Bílá vrána provides more than 300 working hours for people with intellectual disabilities every month. By donating you join our effort for equal opportunities.

Give small donation to make huge impact!

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Cafe Bíla vrána is social enterprise founded by in 2011 by nonprofit organization POHODA ( The main goal of cafe Bílá vrána is to provide on-the-job training and job opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.
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Thank you for lovely service whilst we had a quick tea before our airport transfer . Love the cafe and the whole idea of promoting equal opportunities.

Grace Chapman