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Public canteen for war and famine suffering in Yemen/Sanaa

Yemen is faceing the worst humanitarian crisis form 1945 in the world. It is suffering from war, epidemies and famine. It sustains from lack of food, water, petrol, remedies, hope... There are friends of ours in the middle of this catastrophy. Our project of public canteen helps at least some of them to stand a chance. The aim of the project is to collect money on Transparent Account to buy local food in Sanaa and to feed 50 families (300 persons) in extreme need every day.

we started on 2019-07-30

There is no reason to hold off your help. Do it right now, as much as you can.

One nice lunch in a restaurant for a single person or food for one person for a whole month? Let´s exchange at least one of our lunches every month for help to peole in extreme need.

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Thanks to joint energy and activtity we´ve collected money for the start of the canteen and first months of operation of it. At the moment the kitchen, elementary food-stuff, water, gas, energies have been arranged and the canteen is going to be open during August. It should help primarily to women, kids, old and sick people, who have lost everything, who live in permanent fear, whose families or friends are gone. They do not have anything nor anybody to rely on.
However one meal per day is a kind of hope. And this is what we, together with you,  can give to them. I costs: 

  • CZK 11 per 1 person and a day
  • CZK 333 per 1 person and a month
  • CZK 2000 per family (6 people) and a month 
Please, help as much as you can. Your help if worths of hope, your help is worths of life.  Thank you!


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