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The courtyard at Duhovka high school

The aim of this project is to use the space of the courtyard at Duhovka high school. We want to create an area where we can meet, learn, relax and create – a "yard" that will be ours – for the students, teachers, parents - the whole high school community.

The courtyard at Duhovka high school

Let's create a space that is going to be respectful of nature; a space, where we can meet and relax, a "courtyard" that will support the creative and relaxing community education of Duhovka high school.
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The courtyard project originated from the common interest of the students, parents and teaching staff at our school. Every group was involved in the planning process. We believe that the final implementation of the project meets the expectations and the values that we honor; and also, that we will all actively participate in the creation of the common space. Any amount starting at 500 CZK will help us to achieve our goal.
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