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Help us upload our second CD. BeneBend is a band of people with and without disabilities who do not just play music but live music .....

we started on 2019-03-15

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BeneBend is a band composed of members of the Benedictus community (people with and without disabilities). We do not play music, but we live music, not only in the context of musical therapeutic activities, but at all. Láďa, Fanda, Martin, Jiří, Zdenek, Anička and Tibor are in the band, but other friends play and sing with us as they want to.
Below is a link to the first CD and more info about shooting the other one or news here:

We received CZK 46,000 from the Tesco Foundation and we still need to fund another CZK 8,500 for our own CD recording and then CZK 12,000 for a video of BeneBend.. looking for MTv:).
Thank you for your help!!
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