Mateřská škola a základní škola pro děti s kombinovaným postižením SMILING CROCODILE, o.p.s.

Hospice and Paliative Care People with disabilities

Help us to expand our facilities and equip new SMILING CROCODILE centre which will serve more children and will provide more services - respite and palliative care

We support children with complex needs, hearing impairment or children living in disadvantaged circumstences. The main project in the Czech Rebublic is the operation of a unique centre called Smiling Crocodile for children with severe complex needs which offers the children high quality of education, therapies, services and provides numersous integration projects. Our near term plan is to constuct a new facility to be able to serve more children and enlarge our services for a children's hospice.Many thanks for your kind support!

we started on 2018-05-11

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