Společnost DUHA, z.ú.

People with disabilities COVID - 19

Clients ONLINE during the Covid-19 crisis

Even our clients consider the computer and the Internet to be a common part and a great help in their everyday life. Nowadays, even more because they - the same way as all others - have limited possibilities of communication. We do our best to ensure that adults and seniors with mental disabilities can continue to live a life as close as possible to that of the rest of population. That is why we need to add ideally 3 laptops to our sheltered flats, to make lives of our clients as comfortable as possible, and to get over this extraordinary and difficult time for all of us.

we started on 2018-05-03
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Please help us to in this extraordinery time get laptops for our clients so they can work on them and easily use internet, what should be normal part of their everyday life and help them to be more and more independent. Nowadays also to feel much safer to be allowed to communicate better this very often the only possible way.

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