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Help us make powerful people accountable! is an independent non-profit investigative news website. We bring to the Czech media landscape international investigations such as the Panama Papers, Russian Laundromat or the influence of Italian 'Ndrangheta in Europe. Our focus is on financial and organized crime, in particular their crossborder aspects. Financial profits from corruption, illegal trade, human trafficking and other criminal activities are moved around through complex international financial schemes to be laundered and hidden. These illicit money transfers also pose a threat to the transit countries as they are an incentive for corruption, disruption of economic health and a means to further strengthening of organised crime groups. We follow these financial trails and our effort is to describe their origin and to identify the people involved. We are a team of only six people. We participate in large scale international investigations thanks to our close cooperation with international networks of top investigative journalists. Our publications are available free of charge to reach as many readers as possible and help the public make informed decisions. The stories we publish would not make it to the Czech media without our existence. needs You

Please help us uncover organised crime and save billions of taxpayers' money.
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What do we do?

We help investigate organized crime and uncover corruption in highest places. We follow money flows around people and companies suspected of arms and drugs trades. Transactions like these mostly do not respect state borders. We therefore cooperate with other investigative journalists from all over the world on most of our stories. We map financial criminality and help return money to state budgets - we save millions of euros of taxpayers' money.

Why do we do this?

Journalistic work protects public interest. We consider our financial and political independence an essential condition of quality investigative journalism. We want our findings to be accessible to everyone and we therefore make our stories accessible free of charge. While we have worked on many stories without pay, investigative journalism is time and cost intensive. That is why we rely on you who care about our country.

What new do we bring to the table?

We bring unique investigative projects to the Czech media. We prefer quality journalism based on thorough data analysis. We are the sole representatives of Czechia and Slovakia in Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project or International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, multi-award winning international investigative organizations. This cooperation has granted us exclusive access to data in the Panama Papers case, a Pulitzer Prize winning story. Our vision is to foster more intensive cooperation among journalists, as we believe that cooperation is the only way to bring big cases to a successful completion. This vision was also praised by the international jury who in 2016 identified our founder and director, Pavla Holcova, as one of top 100 Europeans making Central and Easter Europe better.

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