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It's been already 8 years since we started caring about others' health. During that time, we taught more than 120 000 people the fundamental rules of prevention and saved more than 64 lives. Support Us! We can guarantee that your money will help us to save more lives in the future!

Support us

We are still full of energy, however we lack funding needed to support our activities. That's why we need your help. Support Us! We can guarantee that your money will help us to save more lives in the future!
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Every help counts

Your donations will help us to:
  • teach about mental health with our campaign #feelinggood 
  • develop our campaigns #boobsandballs, Your heart for life, and All Good Down There
  • create more educational materials for general public (available online for free, at
  • upgrade the mobile application that teaches Czechs to attend preventive inspections
  • organize more online webinars to teach people how to take care of their health
  • provide online consultations via social media and our website
  • organize more workshops
  • distribute educational materials for teachers to allow them for educating pupils in prevention

Who are we?

We are a team of young doctors, medical students and other enthusiasts. Together, we show that prevention matters. We organize educational workshops at schools, private companies and festivals. During our #boobsandballs, Your Heart for Life, All Good Down There, and Feeling Good campaigns, we taught more than 120 000 people to examine their breasts or testicles, to take care of their hearts and veins, reproductive and mental health. 60+ of these people later discovered cancer at an early stage, because they knew what to look for. This is what helps us to keep going. Support us, so we can help more people and save more lives in the future.

Follow Us

Do you want to know how to take care of your boobs, balls and hearts? Join our workshops! The dates and locations are on our Facebook. You can also follow us on LinkedIn or Instagram, where you will see who already supported our cause. Do you know any school, private company or festival which might be interested in our workshops? Contact us at

You can also visit our charity e-shop to buy something for YOURSELF in order to help US. :-).  

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Děkujeme za Vaši práci.

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Moc si vážím Vaší práce a vzdělávání lidí!! Jste skvělí.

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a thanks to Katrina for talking with the UST HC MBA students

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Ste super, zacala som sledovat vase online webinare a diskusie. Je to fajn zopakovat si vedomosti zo strednej skoly a uvedomit si, aka je prevencia dolezita.
Snad mate aj mladsie publikum (15-25), kde su tieto informacie velmi uzitocne.
Dakujem moc!

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