ŽIVOT 90, z.ú.


Crisis help line Život 90 – for older people in crisis

Your donation support the service of our crisis helpline which save the older people‘s life. Simultaneously, it serve as a registration fee to Red Dress Run. Please, fill out your name while paying due to identify you in registration list before start.

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The crucial issue the older people call the helpline is loneliness. However, psychical and mental abuse at home or in homes for the elderly are not rare cases. Our crisis help line service is unique within the Czech Republic: it works 24/7 and is able to help the people who are in the middle of crisis and in danger of abusing. The Crisis Help Line Život 90 helps more then 15 000 older people in need per year. A minute of the service costs CZK 5,-. We have provided the service since 1990.
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