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A world without a palm oil

Mobile Palm Palm Scanner (APP) can detect the presence of palm oil in each food, just scan the barcode. There are over 10000 downloads and 900 complaints submitted to the producers in the Czech Republic. In order to give a strong message to global corporates that we do not want palm oil products because they are destroying forests, we need to spread the APP to other countries and gain new saviours of the forests. The APP has been and will always be FREE, so that everyone can afford to protect the planet.

Palm oil scanner developement

Let´s build a larger community of fighters to save rainforests!
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When the Palm Oil Scanner manages to install a macaque, the others can do it too! Check out the video!
Android: download here
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The increasing pressure makes the producers think whether it is really economically beneficial to use this controversial crop, either in the food or ther industries.

The APP that was introduced in the pilot version for the Czech-Slovak market now needs to move to the next stage.

It must be reprogrammed and completed so that it can be used in other countries as well. We have established cooperation with Australia, where the application has adapted to the local market. We would also like to deeply cooperate with New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the UK and the Netherlands.

What does it involve?
- For each country, add at least 10000 local market products to the database
- Develop an administrative backround that will enable participation of foreign volunteers
- Promote the APP to provide at least 5,000 installations in each country ( nearly 10,000 installations were completed in half a year in Australia)

The APP is developed by the non-profit organization LAUDATO SI, z.s. whose main task is to motivate people to protect nature.

Android: download here
iOS: download here

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